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G – A Short Story

Episode 4

“Take me to your friends!” G cries. “Friends! Friends! Friends! Frrrriends!”

I stand still. What’s he going to do? What could he possibly do to my friends if they really are there in the living room? I take him to the living room and find all three of them lying there and G goes right to Sill, inspecting her, flitting his light out all around her.

“They’re not really there,” I say. “They’re just dream characters.”

G flashes like lightning. “Ooohhh! Yes, you are so correct. But tell me, how badly do you want them to be here? To really be here?”

I swallow. “I want them here.”

“YESSS!” G cries. “But how badly? How badly? How badly!” It ends like a statement so I don’t answer. I think G’s staring at me. “Do you want me to bring them here?” he asks.

I freeze. Maybe all the nightmares, all the torturous feeling I get when I see G has added up to this. All that was a sacrifice to one day achieve my ultimate goal, to prove the connection of the dreamscape. And here it is. “Bring them here,” I say.

“OoooooooOOOOooohhh! So I have your permission, to bring them here?” G asks.

“Yes,” I say.

“Your permission?”

“You have my permission.”


“Yes, you have my permission.”

“YEESSSSS!” G cries. His light spreads out around my friends and engulfs them. I can’t see Sill anymore. A piece of light stretches over to me and squeaks, “flick!”

I wake up.

My friends are gone.

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