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The Depths of Rivillin – Short Story

Episode 1

Twenty of the Scattered chase me down the unlit sidewalk, their blue-fire bodies disconnecting and reconnecting at every obstacle in their path. Each of the Scattered is made of a thousand pieces. It’s pointless for them to chase after me. Even if they could catch me, my Liyer magic would incinerate them. If it was a better day in Rivillin, I wouldn’t be running at all. But now I feel the need to keep my magic use scarce.

I spot a young man strolling the cobblestone streets. What an idiot. Out past midnight alone with nothing to protect himself with. I cut left down an alleyway where the buildings rise four stories on either side of me. Thankfully there’s no one in the alley, just dumpsters, sewage, and rats. The Scattered are more frightening than fast. By the time I break out of the alleyway onto the mainstreet of the 14th quadrant, the Scattered are almost ten bodylengths behind me.

I go left and pass the streetside shops I used to see every day. The green and white sign of Kendred’s Emporium. The rotting brown letters of the Antique’s shop next to the bakery. I stop. A little boy has his face pressed to the glass of the antique shop, hands cupped near his eyes to the window so he can see me better. I know the boy’s not Avrin. I know Avrin is still dead. I glimpse his red hair and breath deep. Avrin’s hair was brown.

The Scattered almost catch me as I start running again. I run straight down mainstreet, steadily putting distance on them. Someone may have let them loose on me in the 13th quadrant. Or it was a just a random lurking pack. If Aller has anything to do with it, I’ll run into more trouble soon.

As I picture Aller’s face, I lose focus on the road ahead. Scars on both cheeks in the shape of x’s. He didn’t even get them in a fight. He put them there himself because he wanted to.

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