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The Depths of Rivillin – Short Story

Episode 2

Aller always told me that the Scattered are intelligent creatures, but it can’t be true. I’m still putting distance on the pack that’s following me, and they don’t know how to try to cut me off. They always make a perfectly straight line toward where I am if they can see me. If they can’t see me, they seem to make a perfect line to where I last was.

The first story of the building ahead has two broken windows and a hole in the wood of the door. Abandoned. I push the door open easily, run up the stairs, and hide completely out of sight behind a turquoise drywall and an ancient trunk. I hear the whirr of the Scattered coming in the door, then the sound weakens to a dull whine. They’re wandering again, don’t have a lock on me. Within minutes they vanish out into the streets.

Nothing to do now. With Aller gone, the group is fractured and there’s nothing left. The floor is creaking so loud I’m afraid I’ll fall through and attract the Scattered again. Around the corner there’s a hallway with two rooms on each side and one at the end. I don’t look into the other rooms as I make my way to end room. The inside is mostly empty. Plain white walls. A light blue bed with a small desk and lamp next to it, and a massive empty wardrobe with the doors open opposite the bed.

I get into the bed and throw the old cover over me and curl up where the mattress meets the wall. A warmth comes. I feel it in every muscle, in everything that is capable of moving me. I never want to get up again. I never want to move.

Sleep comes like a ghost.

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