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The Depths of Rivillin – Short Story

Episode 6

I tell the old man I’m sitting waiting to see if there’s a kid in the shop that needs help, and I ask the man if he’s seen the boy. The old man goes to the window and presses his face against the glass. When he steps back, his nose is bright red. He tells me I’m the only boy he sees around here.

He walks away. I half close my eyes but still watch him meandering his way down the street. My eyelashes cover most of my vision and the old man becomes a vague speck in the distance.

Another person gone. I let myself slide to the ground. I’m not tired, but a numbness envelops me and I fall asleep.

I wake to find Aller above me again, a white endesren hovering inches above my right eye. The thing is several cubes stuck together with a face on one of them.  I ask Aller what the point of the thing is.

He says it has no point, that magic is just ideas, just light spinning around doing nothing because it can’t really touch us.

I tell him it can change us and the way we think.

He shrugs and vanishes the endesren back into his cards. He keeps all five cards out and stares at them, shuffles them. Aller asks me if I’m going to join him.

I can’t think of anything else to do anymore. There’s nowhere else to go in the dead town of Rivillin. Nothing to rebuild. So I nod and stand up and follow him.

He leads me down alleyway after alleyway and I try not to look at him or the brokenness of the city. I try to ignore how empty it is.

I can’t.

I turn around and walk directly away from Aller.

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