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The Dreamcrafters – A Short Story

Episode 1

Listen, for I have little time left to speak to you all.

“To make ourselves known to humans would be to annihilate the very thing that makes us who we are.” This is what Ivvit says. For, as we all know, we exist to fill human dreams.

But truly think about the purpose of our existence. How were we born knowing that we must spend all our energy filling the dreams of humans?

I can’t remember how I was born, but humans can’t remember how they were born either. But even though humans don’t remember being born, most of them have heard stories about how they were born from their families. We don’t have families.

It pains me to contradict Ivvit, for he is seen as the great philosopher of our kind, but I must argue with him when he says:

“We were not born to be curious about such things. What does it matter how one came into existence? It is an insult to our existence to worry about how it came about. We have been given existence and must focus our lives on existing, not on understanding the origin of our existence.”

This statement, by itself, appears acceptable. But think of how humans place such emphasis on the origin of their existence. No, they do not care greatly for how they were born individually. But as to their collective birth, the birth of the first human? They care a great deal. One person believes that they evolved from a less intelligent form of life, while another person believes God breathed life into the first human. And this origin means a great deal to the purpose of their lives.

Ivvit also contradicts his own idea that our origin is meaningless, because he finds it necessary to mention that, in all likelihood, we must be created by humans in some way, for we seem to exist entirely within their minds.

Ivvit’s self-contradicting philosophy falls short of the truth. For I can prove that we were not created by humans.

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